What I Use

This is my uses page.

My resume describes more of what I use professionally as a systems/devops/cloud engineer.

It nags at my security conscience to publish information about software and equipment I use but in the spirit of community, here it is.


TODO: Add photos here.

I have two workspaces at home - a more ‘formal’ desk in my basement and a workbench in my garage. I use my garage workbench most of the time, weather permitting.

I juggle several computers and monitors between work and personal tinkering and am still working out how to best arrange things between both workspaces for easy portability and maximum availability of equipment.


  • MacBook Pro (2015) 13” Retina i7 3.1GHz/16GB. Dual boot macOS and Arch Linux. Daily driver.
  • MacBook Pro M1 (work). Runs macOS. Daily Driver.
  • Acer Aspire 1410 Netbook (Core 2 solo @ 1.4GHz; 2 GB RAM) with Arch Linux (minimal gui with PekWM, or XFCE). Daily Driver.
  • 2x Dell Precision (work). Runs Windows :( + WSL2.
  • Keyboards: Logitech MX Mechanical Mini, other mechanical with brown switches.
  • Monitors: Phillips 32” 4k UHD curved, 2x Viewsonic 22” IPS 1080p, 2x Viewsonic 24” IPS 1080p.
  • MacBook Air (2012). Runs macOS. Kid computer.


See my Home Lab page for more information.

  • Dell PowerEdge T410 (Runs Proxmox on Debian) - LXC, VM, Docker with a mix of Linux distributions and BSD. Mostly Rocky Linux
  • Shuttle DS87 (i3 3.6GHz/16GB) - OPNSense
  • Dell Wyse 3040 (Thin client - Atom x5/2GB) - Pi-Hole
  • other hardware running Linux and BSD.

The My Old Computers page lists some older computers I’ve had.

      /\  ______________ \
     /::\ \ZZZZZZZZZZZZ/\ \
    /:/\.\ \        /:/\:\ \
   /:/Z/\:\ \      /:/Z/\:\ \
  /:/Z/__\:\ \____/:/Z/  \:\ \
 /:/Z/____\:\ \___\/Z/    \:\ \
 \:\ \ZZZZZ\:\ \ZZ/\ \     \:\ \
  \:\ \     \:\ \ \:\ \     \:\ \
   \:\ \     \:\ \_\;\_\_____\;\ \
    \:\ \     \:\_________________\
     \:\ \    /:/ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ/
      \:\ \  /:/Z/    \:\ \  /:/Z/
       \:\ \/:/Z/      \:\ \/:/Z/


  • Server OS: Linux (Rocky, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Alpine), OpenBSD, FreeBSD
  • Browsers: Mostly Mozilla Firefox. Chromium. Sometimes Brave.
  • Shell: zsh with prezto. Occassionally bash.
  • Music: Spotify (with spotify-tui on my modestly resourced computers).
  • Notes: Bear, vimwiki, and Markdown+repo.
  • Marked 2 for occassionally reviewing Markdown
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, Photoshop)
  • GIMP
  • PekWM on my Linux workstations. Tint2 for a minimal panel and Dunst for notifications.
  • Mutt for an e-mail client on my modestly resourced Linux workstations.
  • urxvt on my Linux workstations.

Browser Extensions


  • Hosting: AWS
  • E-Mail: Migadu
  • Git Repo and CI/CD: GitHub for personal public things and mainly GitLab at work.

Development and Work

  • VIM
  • Visual Studio Code is what I’ve been using for the last couple of years after being a long-time Vim user. I do have the Vi plugin enabled for familiar keybindings and an assortment of extensions.
  • Docker - invaluable part of my workflow for using things like Terraform and Ansible, especially for things that will run somewhere else.
  • Ansible
  • Python
  • Terraform
  • Shell
  • AWS
  • tmux
  • draw.io for diagrams, flowcharts, etc.
  • saml2aws - AWS credentials with SAML
  • ColorSlurp for a simple color picker on Mac.
  • google-webfonts-helper for downloading and serving Google web fonts locally
  • Hack monospace font
  • Ruby (not much these days)
  • See my dotfiles

Desktop Utilities

  • itsycal: tiny menu bar calendar for macOS
  • Contexts: window and task switcher for macOS
  • Magnet: window manager for macOS
  • Amphetimine: keep-awake utility for macOS
  • Bartender: menu bar management for macOS
  • Homebrew: package manager (I only use it on Mac)


See my Homelab page for information about my home servers using Proxmox as a platform.

Also see my About this site and Small Internet pages for other stuff I’m using for serving this site and related materials.

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      '-:_      )  / `' '=.
        ) >     {_/,     /~)
snd     |/