Small Internet Stack

I’ve taken an interest in what’s been dubbed the Smol Internet, “small Internet”, or “the Dork web”. In this context, it refers to simpler protocols, sometimes old ones, in contemporary use. This also has cross over with the “indie web” communities. I’ve deployed my own stack and content for some of these services for fun.


See the awesome-gemini repo on GitHub for a list of things related to Gemini.


I’m using Ansible to deploy these services to a Rocky Linux LXC on my Homelab.

See for my Ansible playbook for the whole stack.


The Gopher protocol predates the web but still has an active community of enthusiasts.

I’m using Gophernicus to serve my Gopher hole.

Gopher: gopher://

Gopher response using Netcat:

echo | ncat 70


A newer protocol that was introduced only a few years ago is Gemini. This is somewhere between Gopher and the Web/HTTP - probably closer to the Gopher side.

I am using JetForce for my Gemini service and have also used Agate.

Gemini: gemini://

Gemini response using Netcat:

echo "gemini://" | ncat -C --ssl 1965


Another service is Finger.

I am using Finger2020 for my Finger service.

To “finger” me, you can use a simple command, which is common across Linux, macOS, and Windows:

With the finger command:


Finger response using Netcat:

echo "josh" | nc 79

My resume is also available via finger -