My Home Lab

  • Dell PowerEdge T410 (Runs Proxmox) - LXC, VM, Docker with a mix of Linux distributions and BSD. Mostly Rocky Linux
  • Dell Wyse 3040 (Thin client - Atom x5/2GB) - Pi-Hole
    • Love this little thing.
  • Not currently used: Shuttle DS87 (i3 3.6GHz/16GB) - Not used yet, but plan to use OPNSense
  • Other hardware running Linux and BSD.
  • Homelab OS: Linux (Rocky, Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine), OpenBSD, FreeBSD

I’m working on publishing the codebase for my Home Lab to my GitHub profile. Eventually, I hope to provide some more content and code about my Homelab.

2024 Update: I’m lagging behind on this, but still maintaining my Home Lab internally with the same basic tools. It’s a fairly well-oiled machine at this point. I’m planning a storage upgrade soon.

Some services I run are Pi-Hole, Plex Media Server, Transmission BitTorrent, GitLab, Nginx, Docker Swarm, and some other odds and ends.

I manage it all with code, mostly Ansible and Terraform, with automated image templates and GitLab CI/CD.

I host my Gemini, Gopher, and Finger services on it in containers. See my Small Internet page for more information.