About This Site

Other Protocols

See my Small Internet Stack page for information about this and more.


See https://joshbeard.github.io/jbeard-upptime/ for a status page of my personal websites. Who cares, right?

This is pretty cool - it’s generated by Upptime using GitHub Actions on a schedule and publishes to GitHub pages.

I also have an UptimeRobot Status Page.


This is a Jekyll site with a custom theme and layout.

The site should be mobile friendly.

The site does not require JavaScript or Cookies.


I use FontAwesome for the icons on the landing page and a couple of fonts from Google Web Fonts. All assets are hosted locally.

      _ _
    _{ ' }_
   { `.!.` }
     (\|  /)
      \| //
jgs \\ |/  //


The ASCII art is credited with the artists’s “tag” or initials. Most is taken from https://asciiart.website/ and https://ascii.co.uk/art.


I’ve hosted my website(s) all sorts of ways over the years - a server at home, on VPS instances, on static web hosts, and currently to AWS S3 with AWS CloudFront. It’s resonably inexpensive for what I’ve got and keeps it consistent with other projects I have.

Build and Deployment

I maintain the website itself from the joshbeard/joshbeard.me-website repository on GitHub.

I’m now using GitHub Actions for building and deploying the website, which consists of:

  • Jekyll build
  • Minify static assets
  • Create artifact
  • Deploy to S3
  • Set cache on objects in S3
  • Invalidate CloudFront distribution cache

To deploy the AWS resources, I use Terraform and maintain that in the joshbeard/joshbeard.me-tf-aws repository to separate it from the content. This uses my common tf-aws-site Terraform module to deploy, which manages a common AWS stack for my static websites.

          &&& &&  & &&
      && &\/&\|& ()|/ @, &&
      &\/(/&/&||/& /_/)_&/_&
   &() &\/&|()|/&\/ '%" & ()
  &_\_&&_\ |& |&&/&__%_/_& &&
&&   && & &| &| /& & % ()& /&&
     &&     \|||
       , -=-~  .-^- _
ejm97         `


I deploy my photos to their own S3 bucket from my workstation. I use a customized Jekyll plugin to generate the HTML pages for these photo albums.